Gail Dodge

Gail R. Dodge (b.1985 San Francisco, CA) is a multi-media artist working with video, performance and the fabrication and manipulation of traditional and nontraditional sculptural materials. Gail’s work develops from her interest in the psychological and physiological effects of existing as a consumer. Specifically, she explores the elusive ability of the mighty advertisement to act as an insidious generator of class, race, and gender. Over the course of her graduate program at RISD, Gail has produced a series of sculptural objects that implicate the viewer, imbuing the onlooker with an immediate sense of empathy, disgust and perhaps guilt. She continues to explore the complexity of emotional manipulation inherent within transactional living – a nearly unavoidable lifestyle for the majority of human beings. Gail received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in 3D and Extended Media in the Spring of 2013. She completed her Masters of Fine Art from the Rhode Island School of Design in Sculpture in the Spring of 2015.